CBHA Tryouts

CBHA is the hockey association in Canada. It stands for Calgary buffalo hockey association. With its 11 teams, CBHA wins the city level and provincial matches. The CBHA arranges the tryouts for its players in its boundaries. It’s a commonly asked question that who can register for the CBHA tryouts. The answer to this question is very simple; any Bantam via Midget age players can apply for the CBHA registration (who lives within the boundaries) for the camp. The tryout registrations are open from June 1 to August 15 for each of the session. All the registrants will be accepted till August 15, 2015. Here I would like to mention a thing, regardless where you have played last time, Calgary Hockey considers the player’s hockey association as their primary community association. If you have not registered for the community hockey association, you might be left with no team to play with. Thus, you must have a registration there as well in your community hockey association.

Many people are left unaware of their playing timings and sessions as they do not check the lists on the respective websites. Rather, they wait for the Calgary buffalo hockey association to give them a reminder call or email. This does not happen. CBHA does not send any reminder to anybody. Applicants must check the website around August 20 to check the list.

Before the start of the tryout session of Calgary buffalo hockey association, the players must arrive early enough at the venue to sign the first session (that means at least 15 minutes before the session starts). The players must bring neck guard and mouth guard, with no exceptions. Each player must bring a water bottle as well. On the start of the day 1, the players will be assigned a jersey each.

There is another important issue. If the player has got some injury before the start of the session, he still can come and attend the tryout session. It is the responsibility of parents to inform about the injury by sending us an email at lori.mcd@shaw.ca. During the tryout session, the players will be selected by the coach keeping in view their performance. In case you want a cancellation up to July 31 and the admission fee will be refunded in your credit card. If you need some more information about the tryout sessions, CBHA holds a session “New Player & Parent Information Session” before the tryout sessions for a general guideline. This session is arranged primarily for the Bantam player age group but any other players are also welcomed to attend the session. Before the end of June, the date and timing along with the venue of this session will be posted on the website. Tryout team can be randomly assigned to players. The tryout teams and the teams and the ice times will be posted to the website, before those tryout matches. Tryouts are actually the selection games in which players are selected and evaluated by coaches, so they can take part in final matches.