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CBHA trainers

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CBHA or Calgary buffalo hockey association is one of the finest and oldest hockey associations in Canada. Everyone is aware that this association has won numerous awards on city and provincial level. The association excels in the hockey for many age groups. With the players ranging from 13 to 21 years age group, the association consists of 11 teams.

Everyone wants to be a part of this team. Here is good news for the trainers. For those, who want to be the part of this team can apply now. For upcoming season, the trainers are required for the teams of various age groups. The trainers are required to:

  1. Thirty minutes before every game, the trainer is required to be present there on the game. The trainer has to attend the athletes which mean he or she has to do the tapping, stretching and the pre-game warm up for the athletes.
  2. During the games, the trainer has to be on the bench in order to attend any injuries. He also has to document the injury and do the follow up communications with the coaching staff of the team as well as the parent of the player if required.
  3. The trainer must follow up the injuries which are sustained as well as consult the coaching staff as it is required for the players’ return in the game. He also have to do the follow up in case the players need any referral to any other medical professional.
  4. The trainer is required to get a training of first aid and CPR. He must be qualified for thecourse of Sports Injury Management. He also must have Sport Injury taping knowledge.
  5. The trainer must have an ability to communicate with the team players effectively. The must have good communication skills to talk to the coaching staff as well as the parents of the players.
  6. It is not essential, but preferable that the trainer has previous hockey experience.
  7. The trainer must have a reliable car to rink within the city (if required).

The trainer has to attend the sports center for two games a week. The days will be Tuesday and Saturday or Wednesday and Sunday. Sometimes, the travel is required for the weekend games for which the expense is born by the team itself. October to April is generally the regular season for the game. The trainer is also required for the games in other times as well.

To join the Calgary buffalo hockey on the post of trainer, one must apply through the proper channel. For this, one must apply online through the website or contact Pam Vega or Kim Hutton. There are other jobs also in the CBHA on which the interested persons can apply. Be a part of the outclass association easily with a few easy steps and enjoy the most wonderful experience of being a part of the incredible team. Visit the webpage regularly to see other vacancies and dated to apply for the CBHA. Wish you a good luck!